What can we do for you

What we can do for you

Your child needs extra support at school. The VO Amstelland and the Meerlanden Cooperation (SWVAM) can help when school and parents need more advice. We can bring parents, school and care together. Together we will find a solution that fits, even if that solution is not obvious. SWVAM thinks along, offers advice and mediates. Because every child deserves appropriate education.

Knowledge and advice

At SWVAM we have a lot of knowledge. Our employees know education and mental healthcare. We share our knowledge with you as parents and with our schools. We do this through this website and in meetings at school with students, parents, teachers and mental healthcare professionals.


You disagree with your child’s school about the support that your child needs. We can help by mediating. SWVAM has an independent position. We are not a spokesperson or advocate for any of the parties involved. We do, however, have an eye for the situation of your child. We bring the parties involved together to search for the best possible solution. School, parents, child and experts express their concerns, expectations and wishes. Together we come to agreements that match what your child needs.

The step from primary (PO) to secondary education (VO)

Your child receives extra support at primary school. When your child is ready to start secondary school, you are looking for a school that can provide the support your child needs. Would you like to read more about nearby schools and the support they can offer? Here you can find the secondary schools that are affiliated with SWVAM in the Amstelland region and the Haarlemmermeer region. SWVAM can be approached for advice or mediation if children need extra support. For example, we can think about how the experiences in the PO can be used to determine the type of support a student needs in the VO. This always takes place in consultation with the child, parents, school of origin (PO) and the school for secondary education (VO).

Email us

Do you need our advice or assistance? Please contact us by email: regioloket@swvam.nl and we will do our best to help you. If reading in Dutch is possible for you, please see our contact page.

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